guys! please do not donate to the AMERICAN RED CROSS for moore, OK’s recent tornado disasters. the red cross has already packed up and left oklahoma, leaving only seven boxes of food for the entire community. independent volunteers and volunteers from other organizations are asking that you DO NOT donateto the american red cross.

samaritan’s purse, a christian global relief organization, is still there — they have multiple tents set up to help. but they need help! they need gasoline for their generators, tents for the families who are staying on their property (many families are choosing this over hotel rooms), extension cords (people are stealing them in the middle of the night), FANS (!! this is a BIG one. the weather is brutally hot and they NEED FANS !!), and help! any sort of donation would help (even your volunteer hours if you can get to oklahoma), and this organization will not store away the thousands (millions, in the case of the red cross) that have been donated for themselves and leave the people of oklahoma to fend for themselves with a few boxes.


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» Dreams and Wishes of Tennessee


one of my aunts has recently founded the dreams and wishes of tennessee foundation, which is described as follows:

Dreams and Wishes of Tennessee grants a wish to individuals between the ages of 5-21 who have relapsed from cancer or have a second life-threatening illness diagnosis.

dreams and wishes of tennessee is based solely on volunteer work and donations, and they’re only the second wish-granting foundation in tennessee (the other being the make-a-wish foundation of middle tennessee). they’re currently getting to work on granting their first wish!

you can find out how to help (sponsoring wishes, donating goods, money, and/or services, corporate matching programs, cause marketing, etc.) right here. please spread the word!

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i have a jake and allie blog now

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Happy 1st Birthday Thomas!

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hey, everyone! just letting you know, if you’re a fan of jake abel, i also help run jacobabeldaily, and we’d love if you’d check us out! thanks :)

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Happy Anniversary Padalecki’s 

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